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History of Famous String Quartet Composers

The agent of cord quartets trace aback as far as the 14th century. However, it is in the 18th aeon if the a lot of acclaimed compositions were fabricated alone for the ensemble. Typically, this ensemble is composed of four stringed instruments. These instruments are the cello, the viola, and the two violins. The afterward are some of the a lot of acclaimed composers for this ensemble in history, forth with their works:

Joseph Haydn

The analysis of the cord quartet is said to be by blow if Baron Fürnberg asked Joseph Haydn to compose a section for a accumulation composed of four abecedarian musicians. These accumulation was composed a cellist, a violist, and two violinists. For this and the 68 compositions fabricated by Haydn for the ensemble he is generally acclaimed as the "Father of the Cord Quartet". The a lot of acclaimed of his compositions are the "Erdody" Quartets in Op. 76 and the six quartets in Op. 33.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

A abutting acquaintance to Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed 23 masterpieces important to the development of the ensemble. These acclaimed compositions cover six quartets that he created to account Haydn. These are the No. 14 in G above (1782), No. 15 in D accessory (1783), No. 16 in E-flat above (1783), No. 17 in B-flat above nicknamed The Hunt (1784), No. 18 in A above (1785), and No. 19 in C above nicknamed Dissonance (1785).

Ludwig van Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven, who advised beneath Haydn, composed 16 of the a lot of acclaimed cord quartets of all time. Between 1788 and 1790, he composed his aboriginal six quartets which was committed and commissioned for Prince Lobkowitz in Austria. These compositions are admired by advisers as aggressive by appearance of Mozart and Haydn.

Beethoven next compositions are admired by music advisers as his contributions to the change of this blazon of classical music. His next three quartets accepted as the Rasumovsky was composed in 1806. In 1809, Beethoven composed Opus 74, aswell alleged as the Harp. In 1810, he composed Opus 95, aswell accepted as the Serioso.

His backward compositions are Opus 127 (1823/24), Opus 130 (1825), Opus 131 (1826), Opus 132 (1825), Opus 133 aswell accepted as the Große Fuge in B-flat above (1826), and Opus 135 (1826).

Franz Schubert

The acclaimed Austrian artisan Franz Schubert created some of the a lot of acclaimed cord quartets as well. His acclaimed compositions cover Quartettsatz, Rosamunde, Death and the Maiden, and his final agreement No. 15 in G major.

Felix Mendelssohn

The acclaimed German artisan Felix Mendelssohn, a addict of the works of Franz Schubert, contributed six quartets. His cord quartet compositions are Opus 12, Opus 13, Opus 44 No. 1, Opus 44 No. 2, Opus 44 No. 3, and Opus 80.

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