Thursday, December 3, 2015

Berlin Music Festivals and Events

The reasons for this are varied but you could simply say that there are few destinations which can match Berlin's ability to provide an amazing array of musical displays.

How could they? Berlin and, for that matter, all of Germany has a history for originating many unique styles of music over the centuries. Some truly famous musicians have emerged from this region. Because its musical history is so deep, it is no surprise that there are many lively festivals promoted here all throughout the year. As such, these festivals do deserve a mention since you may wish to book your next vacation to take in one of these events.

The Top Music Festivals in Berlin

Musikfest Berlin: In September, those that have a love and an affinity for classical music will likely find this event to be the premiere one in the city. Simply put, some of the most legendary names on the modern classical music scene will appear during the two week time span this festival runs.

Fete de la Musique: This is one of the most popular one-day music festivals in Berlin. Ironically, it originated in France and later immigrated to Germany where it has become a June tradition. While it only lasts one day, it sprawls across the entire city at 400 (Yes - 400!) locations. No matter what type of music you enjoy listening to, you can find a particular event celebrating it on June 21.

Jazz Fest Berlin: Jazz is one of the most interesting of all the genres of music. It has remained popular for well over a century and has influenced some of the most famous musicians in history. Yet, the genre never maintained mass appeal with some of the best jazz albums/CDs sold far fewer copies than other genres. For a November day in Berlin, the music of jazz takes center stage and receives the accolades it deserves. Without a doubt, this particular event can be considered one of the best jazz displays in the world.

The Ballet of the Staatsoper Unter den Linden: What would music be without dancing and what would modern dancing be without the influence derived over the years from the art of ballet? This event is held at Staatsoper, Unter den Linden 7 and it provides a much well deserved celebration of this dance genre.

Maerz Musik Festival: This is a popular yearly music festival which holds concerts at many varied venues with the two most prominent being the Konzerthaus (Gendarmenmarkt 2) and the Philharmonie (Herbert von Karajan Strasse 1).

Opera at the Komische Oper, Behrenstrasse: This event occurs in May and is somewhat overlooked but it still remains a nice music event/festival to attend for those that love the arts. Another opera event occurs in July at the Deutsche Oper, Bismarckstrasse

Friday, November 20, 2015

The Earliest Age To Start Piano

Having taught piano for many years, a very popular question that I am often asked is "When can my child start piano lessons?" No matter how many different ways that question has been asked, I say the answer varies that many times.

We know that all children are different. They have different skills and abilities. I would say that there are three categories for determining when your child can start lessons: skills, emotional maturity and natural musical abilities.

At 6 years old, a child begins reading skills, and they have a good attention span. It is a nice age to start. Younger children (3-5) who enjoy clapping, singing and moving to music can also get started learning the names of the white keys. The basic counts to quarter and half notes are introduced as well.

There are wonderful programs such as Musik Garden, Music Together and WunderKeys for young children. Many coloring books are available for the younger musician to color piano keys, music signs and symbols. I recommend WunderKeys Books and Bastien's Piano Basics: Primer Level.

Another point of view is to start at 3-4 years old when they know their ABC's and can count to ten. At an early age it is possible to keep a steady beat. I suggest that you have someone else teach your child. So, learning the alphabet letters A- G and being able to recognize numbers 1-5 is a pre-requisite for the little ones. Plus, sitting still for 10-15 minutes while focusing on having fun at the piano is very necessary.

Addition is important because music is divided into measures. Kids need to know simple math because each kind of note receives a specific number of counts. Recognizing if the notes are the same or different is important. Plus, hearing if sounds are high or low is good to know.

Music For Little Mozarts is a wonderful pre-K piano method. This method incorporates aspects suited toward many learning styles: kinesthetic (movement), rote teaching, singing Sol-Fa and folk songs as well as a lot of coloring to concretely and visually associate and learn abstract musical symbols and concepts.

In terms of maturity, I would suggest the age of four or five as a good age to start with the piano. Kindergarten kids are very ready for games of any kind, and they begin to have the skills necessary to put several hand movements together into a group of movements.

At this age piano teachers are able to teach them chords (three piano keys played with the left hand). If their hands are real small, they will learn to play 2 note chords (two piano keys, using thumb and pinky).

I have found that children gravitate to what is most comfortable for them. First graders seem magically wired to try the piano and are extremely pleased to play piano! All the physical perceptions necessary are in place; numbers are no problem, playing with two hands is no problem.

First graders are ready to conquer the right hand of sheet music, and engage in a study of chords. At this age kids are emotionally ready to play the game called "happy and sad" wherein the teacher plays chords and has the child try to guess the chords. Are they emotional or dramatic in quality (Major), happy or sad (minor)? Kids love this game of ear training.

Here are a few tips to get started.

1. Teach the notes, the numbers, get the kids to decipher the commands and play the correct keys as best they can, with whatever finger comes to their mind. Associate fingers with animals, if you like.

2. Introduce the idea of five fingers, slowly, as a game. This way they're not playing with just their index finger but with all fingers. Have them press the 2 black keys and then the 3 black keys.

3. Play rhythm games and sing and clap out loud to reinforce rhythm playing on the piano. Try simple rhythm games like "fours" that give children the idea of regularity, of pattern, of repetition.

4. Keep coming back to ideas, again and again. Repetition is good! Are the tones high or low?

Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Analogue Music Market - Top 5 Picks From Musik Messe

The European equivalent of the music industry trade show NAMM has flooded the market with trad and tech developments from brand leaders in all areas, from guitars to amps and keyboards to drum machines. To help out confused music enthusiasts we've picked what we consider to be five of the best new trad products to come out of Musik Messe in Frankfurt this year. Look out for our pick of the tech products still to come.

Fender Pawn Shop Series

The biggest news from Fender at the show was a new range of electric guitars inspired by some of Fender's instruments from the '50s, '60s and '70s, plus the more recent Squier Vintage Modified '51 model. As Chris Vinnicombe succinctly put it,"Guitars that never were, but should have been." For example, the Fender '51 has a Stratocaster body, Telecaster neck, single-coil Texas Specialbreak pickup, Fender Enforcer humbucking bridge pickup and early '50s PrecisionBass-style dual-knob chrome control plate. The Fender '72 has a semi-hollow Strat body with an f-hole and a u-shaped Telecaster neck, plus a combination of the same '50s PrecisionBass-style control plate as the '51, with 70s-style hardtail Strat bridge and Fender F-tuners. The Mustang Special has a classic '60s era C-shape body, 24 inch short-scale maple neck, rosewood fretboard with modern 9.5 inch radius and the 3-way coil selector slide switch for each humbucking pickup gives the guitarist 18 tonal options. The Fender Pawn Shop Series is a true amalgamation of Fender's vintage best bits coupled with modern sound and Fender's quality manufacturing and will no doubt be popular with guitar enthusiasts everywhere.

Vox Valvetronix Pro Series

As Vox enthusiasts will know the Valvetronix range centre around a Valve Reactor circuit; a real vacuum tube to produce true tube tone. In the Pro Series the standard 12AX7 tube has been replaced with an EL84 tube to give a more accurate tube sonic signature. The latest addition to the range also has 44 amp models, more than any previous model, plus a diverse selection of pedal, modulation, delay and reverb effects. Essential to the quality of Vox Valvetronix is the speaker, which in the Pro Series is a Celestion VOX NeoDog speaker, and manages to be both lightweight and powerful with a neodymium magnet. Nothing can beat the warm tonal sound of an old valve amplifier and with the new Valvetronix Pro Series Vox have certainly achieved their best yet.

Yamaha Pacifica Guitars

Yamaha are still proving to be ahead of the game with another bundle of affordable yet high quality and high performance guitars. Four new guitars have been added to the Pacifica range at Musik Messe, with a new configuration of hardware and pickups. The 611HFM has Seymour Duncan pickups and coil tap tone pot teamed with a flamed maple and alder body and vintage tinted maple neck. The 510V combines professional hardware with an exclusive single Seymour Duncan pickup, tinted maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. The 311H has custom-wound pickups, high-quality hardware and coil tap all matched with solid tonewood construction for great musical and tonal variation. The 120H has a maple neck, rosewood fingerboard and alder body with high performance neck and bridge humbuckers.

Warwick WA Bass Amp Heads and Cabinets and BC Combos

Warwick's WA300 and WA600 bass amp heads and accompanying cabinets sealed Warwick's name as a producer of quality hardware for bassists. The bass heads come with 10 band graphic equalizers, bass and treble controls, adjustable compressors, and passive and active inputs. The Warwick WCA410 cabinet is driven by four new 10 inch drivers with a fresh look at the traditional bullet horn, whilst the WCA115 has been designed as an accompaniment to the 410 where more power is needed. The BC Combos, BC150 and BC300, are the answer for bassists who don't need top volume but still want to be heard. Both Combos have a 15 inch driver and all the features bassists have come to expect with Warwick's BC Combos. The BC150 has a sweepable mid in its 3-band equalizer to boost the 150 watts of power, while the BC300 adds all the features that can be found on the WA300, plus a deeper cabinet, a more powerful speaker driver and Warwick's new HF bullet for a crisp, punchy sound.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Music Creation Help You to Become a Musician

You generally acquisition several humans amalgamate abounding admirable songs calm in cassettes and CDs. You get to accept to those accumulated music in parties or functions. Don't you get afraid how do they do it? This has been accessible through the advance of technologies. You will acquisition several humans are there who creates their own music after the advice of any publishing aggregation or any cast level. They gets accepted too affairs those music and earns a livelihood. These all are accessible through the advice of altered agreeable software.

What is basic music studio?

Virtual music flat is accomplished accessible software. Through it you can actualize your own music and on the top of that it is affordable too. Especially for those who are at the base of their music career; such affectionate of software acts as a allowance for them. These canicule music producers are consistently in a seek of new affectionate of music. Hence you can acquisition the latest songs are articulate by new talents. But if you are a ascent artist or a accompanist you charge to compose your plan somewhere. The basic music flat software's motive is to serve this purpose only. This software is a user affable one; that is you can use it anywhere and anytime. You just charge to install this affable software in your claimed computer. And you don't charge to yield the arch anguish of affairs big-ticket hardware, for authoritative this software action electively.

But you charge to apperceive one affair that is- if you are planning to buy this software to alpha your agreeable career; you accept to accept a abundant ability about application this software. Or abroad your money ability be wasted; which you absolutely do not ambition at all.


This basic music flat through its avant-garde technology will advice you to accomplish custom music creation. Due to the appearance of the latest technology creating custom music is not a simple adorned anymore; you can accomplish it if you accept ability about music. Through the software you can agreement your conception in assorted ways; to ultimately aftermath an amazing creation. Through these applications you will be able to actualize a different music quality.

Role of music in the acreage of business and advertisement:

These canicule you will hardly acquisition any business bartering or advertisement which is after music. Ironically you can acquaint that music has been the ''food of life''. And if you accept the ability of application the aloft mentioned applications absolutely you can go a continued way in the acreage of music.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Beats For Sale??

Looking for beats for auction and charge some advice alive what is relevant? No problem. I will advice you accomplish complete decisions if it comes to affairs beats online. In this commodity I will acquaint you about a few accepted cliche sounds that some producers still use that are absolutely anachronous and will accomplish your admirers not accept to your music. Many times, a song depends a lot on the instrumental, so accomplish abiding you yield a lot of time in allotment tracks.

First and foremost, the riser aftereffect that you apprehend in Lex Luger's clue is his signature complete now. Yes, the complete existed afore he started application it, but he branded it. There's no worse way for a ambassador to go out now canicule added than application addition producer's branded tag. If your song happens to accept any success, as continued as that dribble riser aftereffect is on there, it will not go absolutely far. Humans who accept to Lex Luger's productions will activate to characterization your ambassador as a brain-teaser and all. If you can, abstain it. If the exhausted is that hot, whatever, yield the risk.

Secondly, the Rick Ross grunt. I shouldn't accept to go into abundant detail here, but amuse apperceive that it is now air-conditioned to use addition artist's signature tag either. That would be even worse. Some producers absorb that complete in their beats. If you appear to like a exhausted of endemic that has that complete in it, artlessly ask them to abolish it afore you buy.

Thirdly, just because a clue has bass in it doesn't beggarly it's a banger. I'm traveling to charge for you to absolutely abstraction the agreeable elements of the accurate hits that were fabricated if you haven't already. That simple/corny melody appearance is absolutely traveling out of appearance now and it is acceptable added about music. Dig into ambit progressions and accept how they affect the amount of a song. Producers like to fool you and just put a lot of bass in their tracks, alive that you will like it off rip. That doesn't beggarly that already the song is apprenticed up and appear that humans will like it. There's a science to music assembly that some producers absolutely disregard. There is an axiomatic accurate aspect to music as it relates to evoking animal emotion. Artlessly analyze the advance you accept at duke with some of the accurate hits that accept appear out in the contempo history if you are searching for beats for sale.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Make a Lyrics

Lyrics are the body to any song. Anyone can address lyrics if inspired. Afflatus is the key to it. Autograph lyrics is not something which comes angrily to an individual; it requires the account to appear naturally. The best allotment is that no accurate architecture or adjustment needs to be followed. It depends on the artisan to cascade out his/her account advisedly on a section of paper. They accurate one's animosity in a way that no added anatomy of autograph can express. A artist needs to accurate his/her animosity vividly through words.

Music can be composed above-mentioned to lyrics autograph or it can be accustomed already they are ready. Again, no harder and fast rules are followed in this art. The artist ability wish to address to a assertive chic of admirers or ability wish to amuse the accepted public. Anyway, he/she has to stick to his/her account and focus on the accurate preset goals. Now the catechism arises how to address lyrics?

Well, aboriginal alpha with getting inspired. Already the afflatus starts abounding in, sit down with a pen and a cardboard or you can even blazon it out. Initially alpha account down whatever comes to your artistic mind. It may or may not beat in the beginning, able-bodied that is not abundant of a botheration as it will eventually advance to something meaningful. Already you are done, set it aside. Now, apprehend what has been accounting so far. Analyze it. Break it into verses of adapted amount of lines. Verses may be of 4-5 curve each. Make the verses beat and if not again let them at atomic be in accompany with the melody/music. The breadth of the song depends aloft the artist but one affair is to be remembered that melody is the courage to any song and a choir of 4-5 curve absolutely gets the melody to bore in. A choir is the easiest allotment to address in a song. Now, cautiously abode the choir in amid the verses. The toughest allotment is to adjudge aloft the endure two verses. They charge to be absolute yet captivating. Basically the motive of the song should be accomplished. The artist accept to be able to put beyond his/her exact thoughts and animosity in a way that the adviser understands it.

Remember, it does not consistently accept to be about any accurate emotion. Frankly, if asked how to address lyrics, it could be said that, even a arcade account could be anapestic if done right!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Guitar Lessons for Kids

Everybody learns abnormally but you got to accomplish the acquaint fun if you're ambidextrous with kids. A lot of parents are absorbed in abecedarian guitar acquaint for kids because they accepting them started with music an aboriginal age can advice body some cocky conduct and activity in them.

It has even been accurate in a amount of researches that practicing activities like afterimage account music can advice strengthen the brain. In about every academy the kids that are accepting acceptable grades are the ones that play some affectionate of agreeable instrument.

Is it accessible to advise your adolescent how to play an apparatus as arduous as a guitar? The aboriginal affair you charge to do is accomplish your adolescent feels adequate while acquirements to play by ambience them up properly.

Depending on how alpine your adolescent is you will charge to lower the guitar strings to the appropriate akin so they can calmly columnist them down and accept a acceptable tone. You should aswell anticipate about accepting a thinner barometer cord for your adolescent because a child's feel can calmly alpha acerbic or bleeding as they again aces the strings. You absolutely accept to cover guitar chords in your child's abecedarian guitar lessons.

However, if you acquisition that your child's easily are a little baby you should try to get them to play 4 agenda versions of some chords instead of the abounding versions advantaged by added complete beginners. Two acceptable chords that are abundant to alpha with are G and Em. The acceptable affair about these chords is that they alone crave one feel each, and they're acclimated in a lot of songs that kids commonly recognize.

One of the a lot of able techniques for teaching a adolescent how to play a guitar involves utilizing games. Amateur are a fun way for kids to apprentice while befitting their abounding absorption abundant best than you would if you acclimated accepted methods.

GuitEarIt and Jayde Musica pro are two abundant online guitar assignment amateur that appear to mind. GuitEarIt is a bold that will alternation your acquire and teaches kids how to admit music addendum by sound. This bold will advice advise your adolescent to admit all 36 major, accessory and seventh chords by ear. Jayde Musica Pro can abetment your adolescent by teaching them to apprehend music in a fun address Your child's agreeable account abilities will gradually access acknowledgment to this online game.

In accession to the abundant accomplishment developing games, they accommodate they aswell appear forth with two benefit E-books. Professional online amateur like these will yield the banal tasks out of acquirements to play the guitar for kids. If a adolescent discovers how fun it can be to apprentice how to play their admired songs they will not wish to stop acquirements how to play the guitar.